Thursday, September 16, 2010

Me of Little Faith

I love Lewis Black, so finding this audiobook, Me of Little Faith, was like hitting the jackpot.  What I found even more interesting was that the book was about religion.  I just couldn't imagine Lewis Black having a book about religion.

Cover:  The cover is quite simple, just like Lewis Black. 

Characters:  Lewis Black is the main character.  This was exciting enough for me.  He's hilarious and outspoken.  He talks about others that he encounters, but I didn't think he talked about anyone enough for them to really stand out.  I feel as if Lewis is known for his stand up routines.  He's known for saying the things people think but are too afraid to say.  This is one reason I love him.  I have the same tendency.  The stories he tells in this book reveal a different side to him.  He's not just the smartass that people love or hate.  He's an extremely fascinating man. 

Writing:  I listened to the audiobook, so it made the writing seem more like a conversation.  Lewis Black read the book, which only enhanced this feeling. 

Plot: Throughout the book, Lewis told stories of his experiences with various religions.  Lewis Black was raised Jewish, although his family did not really practice the religion.  He has his own personal beliefs but does not believe in organized religion.  He does not, however, think any particular religion is better than any others.  Lewis respects everyone's right to have their own beliefs.  I found his experiences to be educational in some ways, considering I haven't had much contact with people of varying religions.

Overall:  3/5  I enjoyed this book.  I found it to be funny, interesting, and comforting.  My own lack of religious beliefs often makes me feel wrong.  People around me seem to think badly of me because of it, but Lewis Black's just reinforced for me that my beliefs are my own.  No matter what anyone else thinks of them.

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