About Me

Hello!  If you've gotten to this page that means you've checked out my blog, which is good.  Thanks for stopping by!  You may be wondering who I am and why I have this blog.  So, here's my attempt to answer some questions you might have.

Who am I?

I'm a 28 year old chick from PA.  I live with my husband and two daughters, and I'm a former therapist turned SAHM.   

Why do I blog?

I love reading, and I love to talk about what I read.  Not too many people I know in real life like to read, and if they do, they don't read the same kinds of books as me.  Blogging is my way of sharing the awesome (and sometimes not so awesome) books that I get my hands on.   

Why do I read?

Reading is an escape for me. I've tried lots of things to help me relax, like yoga and meditating. Unfortunately, I'm too clumsy for yoga, and my mind doesn't slow down enough to really reap the benefits of meditation. Reading does the trick, though. It's been that way since I was little. 

Other Randoms

  • I can't swim.  I almost drowned twice when I was younger.
  • I'm deathly afraid of mice and rats.
  • I will eat two pieces of fruit in an attempt to cancel out the giant piece of chocolate I plan to eat.
  • I frequently dream I'm fighting ninjas and will karate chop my husband in my sleep.
  • While independent in some ways, I probably would starve to death or become one of those hoarders if my husband wasn't in my life.
  • My husband and I began dating 2 days before he left for Iraq.  We'd known each other since 8th grade.  We were in the nursery together when we were born.  Our birthdays are 4 days apart.
  • BAZINGA!  I love Sheldon. ;-)