Monday, January 3, 2011

Here Lies Bridget

Title: Here Lies Bridget
Author: Paige Harbison
Release Date: 2/1/2011
Publisher: Harlequin
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 208
Overall: 3/5
Source: Publisher (NetGalley)
Challenge: 111 in '11, 2011 DAC, WBC2011

Synopsis:  Bridget Duke is your typical mean girl.  She's the most popular girl in school, but is it because her fellow students lover her or fear her?  Bridget doesn't think twice about anyone else's feelings or well-being.  She will do anything to get herself out of trouble and keep it that way.  When a car accident leaves Bridget in a place between life and death, she finds that her fate rests in the hands of the people she's hurt the most.

My Thoughts:  When I first read the synopsis for Here Lies Bridget, I thought the concept was interesting.  When you have someone who is as cold and cruel as Bridget Duke, is there any chance that they will change for the better?  What, if anything, could make them snap out of it?

I liked this book, but I wasn't crazy about it.  While I did like the story, I found it to be rather predictable.  By the time I finished, I thought to myself, "I totally saw that coming."  It was a fast read.  The writing flows nicely.  Later in the book, when Bridget begins "reliving" some experiences, I thought it might get confusing.  Harbison wrote it well enough, though, that that wasn't a problem.  The present and past alternated easily.

I found myself with some interesting feelings towards Bridget.  For most of the book, I wanted to smack her for being so downright mean.  I was so annoyed by her selfish, immature behaviors.  As the book progresses, Bridget learns new things about herself and acknowledges feelings she had been trying hard to ignore.  I felt sorry for her at times and sad for what she was going through.  She had to come to some really tough realizations.

Here Lies Bridget is a good book.  I'd definitely recommend it to readers.  I think it would be interesting to have real life mean girls read this book and see how it influences their choices.

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