Friday, October 8, 2010

Fourth Comings

Fourth Comings by Megan McCafferty

Cover: I don't really have any feelings or opinions on the cover.

Characters: Jessica Darling is back in the fourth book of the Jessica Darling series. She's all grown up and facing new challenges. I've always found Jessica to be independent until it comes to Marcus Flutie. Marcus sucks her in and gets under her skin. This time around, though, Jessica was questioning her relationship with Marcus. She was struggling with the idea of growing up and having to make tough decisions. I think this shows the growth she has experienced. Marcus is kind of like a drug. He's just so good and irresistible. It's hard to describe him. I feel like Marcus just needs to be experienced for a person to really understand him. So, read the first 3 books people!

Writing: I love that McCafferty wrote these books like a diary. I think it gives the story a much more personal feel. Diaries are where people spill their guts. It's where they get lost in thought and find themselves rambling. Jessica is still sarcastic and witty in her writings, and her re-telling of stories is still just as great. This time, though, Jessica is writing about deep topics, like love and jobs. It's not longer the superficial stuff that made up her high school journals.

Plot: In Fourth Comings, Jessica finds herself thinking it would be best to break up with Marcus. She can't see them working out. When she tries to break up with him, he proposes (in typical Marcus fashion). Jessica then spends a week thinking about whether or not she will accept his proposal. Throughout that week, she chronicles her days in a notebook, sharing her thoughts and what she is discovering about herself. This notebook will then be given to Marcus. Jessica finds herself facing job interviews, friends getting married, friends having babies, realizing her parents are human too (not just Mom and Dad), and other things most 20-somethings go through.

Overall: 3/5 I really like the Jessica Darling series. That being said, I gave this book a 3/5. I didn't like it as much as the first three. The grown up Jessica just doesn't appeal to me like the teenage Jessica. I am eager, though, to find out what happens in the last book.

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