Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Reader

The Reader

Cover: I thought the cover was very pretty. I liked the bundle of flowers on top of the book. It's not until I got into the second half of the book that I began to understand the importance of reading.

Characters: Michael is 15 when he meets Hanna, who is much older. Michael seems to be a responsible, intelligent boy. The book spans many years of his life and shows a transformation in him. I felt that Michael changed from a loving young man into a hardened grown man. He had difficulty maintaining relationships after his first real love. Hanna is very secretive. She does not talk much about her past. Her moods change quickly at times, and she can be difficult for Michael to understand.

Writing: I felt the writing was very simple. Any descriptions described by the author were brief. The writing seemed to make the book go by quickly. Years seemed to be condensed into chapters. I enjoyed how the author conveyed Michael's thoughts and feelings. He showed how over the years, Michael began to learn more about himself and how his relationship with Hanna had affected him.

Plot: Michael meets Hanna by chance one day. He becomes sick in the street, and she helps him to clean up. They then begin a relationship that carries on for a period of time. Eventually, the relationship ends, and Michael finds himself moving on. Later down the road, Michael finds himself face to face with Hanna again and learning things about her that he never expected.

Overall: 2/5 This book was not as good as I was expecting it to be. It felt rushed. I felt like the author was given a specific number of pages that he could not exceed. I wish some things had been expended on, like how Michael was changed after his relationship with Hanna. There were also some things at the end that I would've liked to read more about.

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