Tuesday, March 23, 2010

OMG! Teen drama!

A few months ago, I discovered an old notebook I used as a journal. I had been unpacking some boxes from my dad's house and stumbled upon it. The red notebook had lyrics and quotes written all over the cover in black Sharpie. When reading them now, I have no clue what songs they are from.

I flipped the notebook open and started leafing through the pages. Inside were writing exercises from a writing course I had taken at a local college the summer before 9th grade. After those, were poems I had written. I could tell exactly what had been happening in my life just by reading those poems.

Seeing this notebook made me sad. One reason was that it showed me just how much I used to write. I wrote ALL.THE.TIME. Remembering the emotions behind my poems also made me sad.

I've decided to share my early works with everyone. Each week, I'll post a new piece from my old notebook. Everything in the book was written when I was in high school. Feel free to give feedback on anything you read, whether it be good, bad, or ugly. I'm hoping this notebook will push me into writing more frequently.

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