Saturday, March 27, 2010

Speak Out Saturday (1)

I've decided to make Saturdays on my blog "Speak Out Saturdays."  My posts on Saturdays will be related to issues I find important and interesting.  Sometimes they may be rants, and sometimes they may be educational.  I hope that my blog visitors will take some time to explore the issues they are passionate about, even if they choose not to blog about them on "Speak Out Saturdays."  (Also, if someone else already does Speak Out Saturdays, please let me know.  I will then change my blog titles).

For the last few months, I've been facilitating Sexual Assault Counselor training for the program where I work.  We have one session left and will have completed 40 hours of training.  This round of training involves counselors and community members who want to be volunteers.

I've been doing the SAC training for about 2.5 years now.  I originally took the training when I became a volunteer for the program.  After volunteering for 2 years, I began an internship there and was hired as the volunteer coordinator.  After working as the volunteer coordinator for some time, I took on the role of legal advocate as well.  Once I graduated with my undergrad degrees, I began doing counseling with children and adults.  Currently, my job titles include volunteer coordinator, legal advocate, and sexual assault counselor. 

Working to end sexual violence is an issue that is very important to me.  It is an issue that many people shy away from or deny.  It is an issue that many people pretend doesn't exist.  Unfortunately, it is an issue that surrounds us every single day. 

In the last 2.5 years, I've come across approximately 300 victims of sexual violence.  I've heard horrific stories of sexual violence and seen glorious victories in the courtroom.  Over and over again, I have been reminded of how little the general public seems to know about sexual violence. 

The next few Speak Out Saturday posts will be in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month.  Every April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM).  During this month, many rape crisis centers make extra effort to make their communities aware of the widespread occurrence of sexual violence.  To kick off this month, next week's post will be about Sexual Assault Myths.  It's time to fight back against those myths!

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