Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up (1)

This past weekend was rather slow compared to others.  I didn't have class, and I wasn't on-call for work.  With these two things missing, I had lots of freedom regarding my weekend plans.  The only things on my to-do list were 1) read, 2) blog, and 3) sleep.  ;-)

So did I complete my to-do list?

Friday night was pretty lazy.  My fiance and I met with our caterer to finalize our menu and go over some things before the wedding.  It's coming up pretty quickly.  We attempted to sit out in our backyard to have a few drinks, but the bugs thought we tasted pretty good and kept coming back for seconds and thirds.  We eventually went inside and opted for starting True Blood Season 2.  We made it through the first episode before deciding we were old and tired and heading to bed.

Saturday started bright and early before 7:00 a.m.  My future mother-in-law called us (and woke us up) to ask if we wanted to go to breakfast.  Breakfast was yummy.  I had a hair appointment to try out my hairstyle for the wedding.  It turned out great!  I can't wait until the wedding to see it with my dress. The rest of the day was spent car shopping.  I'm thinking about getting an SUV to help me get around better in the winter.  Sometimes the snow we get in PA is too much for my Cobalt.  After spending the day car shopping, we got dinner at a local seafood place.  And I just realized we ate out twice in one day, which is unusual for us.  We let our awesome dinner settle in our bellies before going out for a little fun.  I played designated driver while we hit up a bar and a friend's bonfire.

Sunday was a very productive day.  I planned on tackling cleaning and wedding stuff.  I started my day with an early trip to the grocery store.  Chocolate chip waffles were an excellent start to my day.  After doing a few loads of laundry, my fiance and I took our dog to a rabies clinic held by our local humane society.  We waited for 2 hours, but I was able to get Baxter's rabies and distemper shots, and he was microchipped.  They had a young Old English Sheepdog available for adoption.  I immediately fell in love with her but didn't say anything to C.  He told me to inquire about her, and we stopped at the shelter on the way home.  Unfortunately, someone had already put in an adoption application.  We put one in, too.  Hopefully the other person is denied. ;-)  I really want her.  I'd love to have two Sheepies.  I made an awesome lasagna for dinner, and then we settled in to work on our seating for the wedding.

It's now almost 9:00 p.m., and I feel like I've done plenty for today.  C has a hockey game, so I'm going to use this quiet time to work on some blog posts.  So, how did my plans for reading, blogging, and sleeping work out this weekend?  Not so well.  Haha.  I didn't do much reading or sleeping.  I did, however, get quite a bit of blogging done.

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