Monday, April 19, 2010

Am I crazy?

I'm pretty well-known by my friends and family for having incredibly strange dreams.  To give you an idea, I have a recurring dream that I'm fighting off ninjas, and I actually karate chop my fiance in my sleep.  I've also had a dream that we lived on a pirate ship docked on our property and were actually attacked by other pirates while having a BBQ.  Our friends had to help us fight off the pirates. 

The dream I had the other night, however, topped all of the weird dreams I've ever had.  To my knowledge, I couldn't think of anything I'd seen on TV or heard about that could've influenced this crazy ass dream.  So obviously, I think I'm crazy.  And my fiance agrees.'s my dream.

After working outside all day, I come in to the bathroom to clean up.  While washing my hands, I look in the mirror above the sink and notice a brown spot above my lip.  It looks sort of like a mole, but I don't have one there and know moles don't magically appear.  I look at it more closely and find a tiny speck sticking out of my lip.

I begin to squeeze this brown spot and a tiny brown string comes out.  As it squeezes through my lip, it expands until it reaches it's full shape and size.  It's a brown bug about the size of a quarter and is made of the sticky, rubbery material of the bugs I used to get out of quarter machines.  I continue to squeeze and white strings begin to come out and turn into long snakes made of the same material.  Several of these come out until finally the string turns green.  This green string slides out of my upper lip and once completely out, falls to the ground and turns into a cat.  I continue squeezing my upper lip only to have more stringy, sticky, rubbery things come out of it.  It seemed to never end.

I woke up before I got everything out of my lip in my dream.  When I woke up, I noticed my upper lip was sore, as if I'd really been squeezing it!  So, do you think I'm crazy?

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