Thursday, August 26, 2010


I have been wanting to read Fallen by Lauren Kate from the first time I saw the cover.  Before I had even read what the book was about, my mind was made up.  I chose to order the book on my Nook, which kind of jipped me from having my hot little hands on that gorgeous cover.  That's okay, though, because the content more than made up for that.

Cover: GORGEOUS!  That's all I can say. 

Characters: The characters in this book were rather intriguing. The fact that they all had some sort of troubled past and dark side made them really fascinating to me. It could also be because I work with troubled adolescents. Luce sucked me in right away. I felt for her. She was in a strange, frightening place and felt as if she was being doubted and attacked. She even felt like her own parents were afraid of her. Luce seemed very relatable. She had a secret that she didn't want to share with anyone and felt like she had a past far worse than any of the other students at her new school. Then there was Daniel. Oh, if only Daniel were real. ::swoon:: He definitely had that "bad boy" image that good girls like. He's mysterious and brooding. I won't say too much about him. He's one of those characters that you just must read about to get to know. Cam's charm and good looks seemed too good to be true. I was wary of him from the beginning.

Writing: Lauren Kate did a fantastic job writing this book. She knew exactly how much to put into each chapter and just where to end each chapter. It seemed as if I'd finish a chapter and think, "Just one more! I have to read one more!" The writing was easy to follow but still included enough detail for me to create the world of Fallen in my head. I liked how she was able to convey the characters' emotions through descriptions of their body language and dialogue. That was part of what drew me into the book so deeply.

Plot: I thought the plot was wonderful. It was refreshing after reading so many books about vampires. While there were some paranormal (I guess you'd call it that) aspects to the book, the plot didn't rely on it too heavily. In my opinion, the real paranormal stuff didn't come until later in the book. The rest of the story seemed to do just what the characters in the book did; fit in with the normal world.

Overall:  5/5  I absolutely loved this book!  I NEEDS the next one!  The story completely sucked me in.

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