Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pretty in Plaid

I picked up the audio version of Pretty in Plaid by Jen Lancaster at a local bookstore.  I love audiobooks.  They're great for my lengthy commute to school and my short trip to work.  I've read another book by Lancaster, Bright Lights, Big Ass.  I really liked it and was looking forward to reading/listening to Pretty in Plaid.
Cover: The cover is super cute! There's a pair of legs wearing long argyle socks in pastel pink and green. I love them!

Characters: The main character is the author, Jen Lancaster. I have to admit that in the beginning when she was telling stories of her childhood I thought to myself, "Please don't let my children be like this." I found her to be a total brat when she was younger. She seemed to be very superficial and overly concerned with how other people saw her. She became more bearable as she got older. Lancaster seemed to be a mature and responsible teenager but then turned into a wild child in college. She always showed, though, that when she wanted something she went for it. Lancaster never let anybody stop her. I like that about her. She is outspoken, as well, which is another quality I admire.

Writing: Lancaster's writing makes me feel as if I'm simply having a conversation with her. I like that it's not extremely structured like some books. It seems to be free flowing. She's also extremely witty and a smart ass, which is awesome. I like smart asses. She does such a great job at telling these stories and conveying her reactions and feelings at the time.

Plot: This book was a collection of stories about events from Lancaster's life from childhood to adulthood. In addition to the chapter title, she also used a piece of clothing or a fashion accessory as the staple of that chapter. I really liked this. It was very unique. Writing the book in this way allowed Lancaster to show how she grew as a person and also as a fashion lover. She always had a knack for looking great but went from shopping at your typical department stores (TJ Maxx, Marshall's, etc.) to shopping at the more expensive stores (Nordstrom, Tiffany's, etc.).

Overall: 3/5 I liked this book. I didn't find it as funny as Bright Lights, Big Ass, though. It did, however, provide more background for me after reading Bright Lights, Big Ass.

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