Saturday, August 7, 2010

Living Dead in Dallas

Since I've started watching True Blood on a regular basis, I've been wanting to finish the Sookie Stackhouse series.  With the first season, I noticed a lot of differences between the book and movie.  I've been eager to see what kind of differences popped up in Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris compared to the second season. 

Cover:  I like the illustrations on the covers of the Sookie books.  This cover reminded me of Sookie and Bill flying to Dallas.  Obviously, she didn't fly there on his coffin, but it still reminded me of this.

Characters:  At times, I found Sookie and Bill annoying.  I didn't like when they called each other "sweetheart" or "honey."  It just didn't seem to fit them.  It could also be because I don't remember them talking to each other like that in the show.  Like the show, I like Eric best.  I find him humorous, and his sneakiness is attractive.  He wants Sookie and tries, even though she always refuses him.

Writing:  I liked the writing style.  It's easy to understand, and there isn't a lot of unnecessary stuff added in.  There were just enough details to get wrapped up in the story but not so many that I got distracted.

Plot:  I had an idea of what the plot was going to be since I had already seen Season 2 of True Blood.  It didn't play out exactly like the TV show, but there were enough major similarities to know how the books was going to end.  I wasn't a big fan of how the murder in Bon Temps was played out.  It would've made more sense to me to have explored it more before diving into the trip to Dallas.  By the time I got towards the end of the book when the murder was discussed again, I had forgotten some of the details.

Overall: 3/5  Watching the show before reading this book kind of ruined the book for me.  I did enjoy discovering the differences between the two.  It was very interesting to see which changes were made.

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