Friday, August 6, 2010

What I'm Reading (3)

Last week, I tried reading multiple books instead of just one like I usually do. I found that I do like having an audiobook for my car and a regular book for home, work, etc. But I don't like having to choose which book to keep reading. It made me feel like I wasn't getting anywhere. So, I've decided to stick to reading one book at a time.

Right now, I'm reading Living Dead in Dallas (Sookie #2) by Charlaine Harris. I've seen the first 2 seasons of True Blood and have been watching the current season. I've been eager to read the rest of the Sookie books. Obviously, there are some major differences between the books and the show, but I love discovering them. My husband got annoyed with me when we watched the first season of True Blood. I had already read the first Sookie book and kept telling him about how the book was different from the show. He also hated that I had a general idea of what would happen.

I'm hoping to finish Living Dead in Dallas tonight, so I can start my next book. Here's what's coming up next for me:

The Forest of Hands and Teeth


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